It has long been established that you are what you eat.

Therefore, it would stand to reason that if you load yourself up with food that is full of sugars, fats and salt, that this will have an impact on your body, as well as your appearance. 

Everybody knows that if you eat junk food all the time, and avoid eating healthy foods like fruits and vegetables, that you will likely look a bit..well, rough. Junk foods are loaded with empty calories and have minimal to no nutritional value, meaning that they will have no positive impact on your skin or your body. So, it is written in every health journal online to cut out junk food if you want to look and feel healthier. 

However, what if some of the world-renowned health foods did the same thing? Yes, there is an entire list of ‘healthy foods that can cause you to look older. Shocking! So, if you want to reduce wrinkles and age spots and stop your skin from looking sallow, read on. Here, the top 18 health foods that may be aging you will be explored. 

Agave Nectar

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There was a fad a few years back about honey and nectar being healthier for you than sugar.

Agave nectar is a syrup that is extracted from the agave plant, which is native to Mexico. It is used as a sweetener for baked goods, for coffee and is considered a great replacement for sugar. Why? Well, according to Healthline, it has a lower glycemic index.

However, it has a high fructose content, so, if you eat too much of it, not only will you feel unwell, but your skin will become dehydrated, making you look and feel older.

Granola Bars

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Granola bars are a fabulous food to take with you when you are hiking. Aside from that, they don’t have much going for them. Yes, they are marketed as a healthy snack that is easy to grab when you leave the house but, as they are a processed food, they are loaded with sugar, butter and salt.

This lowers the nutritional value of even the best granola bars. All in all, they are not as natural as they appear to be and they can speed up skin dehydration.

Vegetable Chips

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Remember a few years back when there was an emphasis on fried crisps being really bad for you? So, many companies opted to start baking their potato chips while also expanding away from potatoes into courgette chips or even beetroot chips.

It may have started as a good idea, but many vegetable chips are loaded with salt and preservatives, all of which can dehydrate the body and cause premature heart issues if consumed to excess.


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Yes, smoothies made their mark as a healthy food, provided that they were made from fresh ingredients and put together at home, in a blender. However, according to the British Heart Foundation, many smoothies that are store bought contain added sugar, which can dehydrate skin causing premature aging. 

Fruit Juices

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If you are regularly drinking fruit juice because you want to have a healthy diet, you need to stop immediately. The majority of store bought fruit juices are full to the brim with sugars, artificial sweeteners and preservatives and they do not contain any fiber, which is the best part of drinking or eating real fruit.

You have to remember as well that fruit juice consumed regularly and to excess can be dangerous, as it can cause unwanted spikes in blood sugar levels and can even lead to tooth decay and gum disease, all of which can age you faster. 

Rice Cakes

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Rice snacks are consumed worldwide, with the majority of people having eaten a rice cake at least once. They have been marketed as nice and light and are deemed to be a healthy option. It is true that they are lighter than most snack foods but are not a suitable replacement for the majority of meals.

They may contain nutrients that can be harmful, such as salt and sugar. When consumed in excess and also have a higher glycemic index than other snack foods.

Smoothie Bowls

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Smoothie bowls were a breakfast idea that the majority of people in the early 2000s thought was great. They were easy to eat and could be prepared with a wide range of flavors. However, the idea of them being a healthy food is no longer accepted and it boils down to their quality. The majority of smoothie bowls that you can buy contain healthy ingredients like yogurt, fresh fruit and nuts, but they are flavored with preservatives and artificial sweeteners, which bring the nutritional value down and can cause dehydration. 

Red Meat

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The Huffington Post states that consuming too much red meat can increase the body’s biological age, as well as lead to significant health issues. It has been found that a moderate increase in the levels of serum phosphate in the body that have been caused by red meat consumption (and an overall poor diet) can make a person age faster. This is because high levels of serum phosphate cause cell aging


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Most people love fruit, and there’s a reason why. As humans, fruit is one of the highest sources of natural vitamin C. A Vitamin C deficiency in humans can lead to serious health complications, such as scurvy. However, is fruit really as innocent as it appears?

When consumed in excess, it can cause issues with blood sugar, which can lead to diabetes and can even cause dental issues such as gum disease and tooth decay, which can make a person look older and impact their heart health.


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Coffee itself contains a lot of plant based nutrients, which make it a health based food. However, the way it is served in the majority of coffee shops make it less than ideal for maintaining health! It is loaded with excessive sugars and syrups, which is the main cause of a reduction in collagen and elastin in the skin.

This causes the skin to lose elasticity and plumpness, thereby accelerating the aging process. So, if you need to drink coffee every day, try to reduce the amount of sugar. 


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Popcorn is another food that came to the spotlight a few years ago due to its high fiber content and its filling nature. However, that is plain popcorn, which has not been laden with salts, sugars and caramel.So, if you want to consume the healthy alternative to the majority of store-bought popcorn, your best bet is to buy it completely plain and eat it that way. Or you may inadvertently cause issues with blood pressure as well as blood sugar.

Gluten-Free Foods

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If you have celiac’s disease, then of course you’re going to consume gluten free foods. However, research conducted by the National Celiac Association has found that a lot of gluten free foods have additional sugars and salts added to them to help bring back the taste which may have been lost due to the lack of gluten. This can dehydrate the skin and cause the loss of elastin and even blood pressure problems, all of which accelerate the aging process. 


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How exactly are tomatoes aging you faster? The answer to that is in your teeth. Tomatoes are high in acids which can cause dental erosion. This will make the enamel on your teeth thinner, make them more brittle and prone to cavities. So if you like tomato ketchup or any other tomato based drinks or foods, it may be worth cutting down on them. 

Plant-Based Yogurts

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If you have lactose intolerance or are vegan but miss the taste of yogurt, then the obvious solution is to opt for a plant-based alternative. However, lactose is a natural sugar that can add sweetness to the yogurt. Removing this means that the yogurt may not taste as appealing and has led to most companies adding additional sugars to make these snacks taste sweeter. Added sugars are not good for your health and can lead to premature aging too. 

Whole Grains

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You may have noticed a trend by now; the majority of the foods on this list are seemingly fine on their own. However, when they are sold in a commercial setting, that changes, as salt, sugar and preservatives are added. With whole grains, that is very much the case, as bars, cereals and even porridge can be loaded with all of these and more, which are not great for your health, or your skin toning!

Processed Soy Products

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Soy itself has been linked to numerous anti-aging properties. However, the majority of processed soy products, such as yogurts and milks have added sodium, which can lead to issues with blood pressure and even cause dehydration of the skin, leading to wrinkling. 

Low Sugar Products

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Low sugar, or no sugar products equates to companies adding sweeteners, like aspartame. These can cause issues with blood sugar control, heart disease and, of course, they have a strong link to premature aging.

Vegetable Oils

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Lastly, vegetable oils which can be found in any kitchen are not all created equal! Many of them, when consumed in excess, can promote inflammation, which can cause age related issues like arthritis and, of course, problems with the skin and heart.

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