This editorial policy was created to promote and uphold high standards of journalism and professionalism.

Accuracy And Credibility:

  • Rigorous fact-checking and verification from reliable sources to ensure content accuracy
  • Commitment to balance and fairness, presenting multiple perspectives when applicable
  • Clear distinction between reporting and opinion pieces to maintain transparency in communication

Editorial Independence:

If an article has been created or sponsored by a third party, we provide a clear disclosure.

Originality And Plagiarism:

  • Adherence to intellectual property rights and compliance with copyright laws
  • Strict prohibition of plagiarism, with regular checks to verify the originality of our content

Ethics And Privacy:

  • Our articles and opinion pieces uphold privacy standards and refrain from violating individuals’ privacy.
  • We strictly avoid promoting hate speech in our content.
  • Discrimination of any type is not endorsed or engaged in within our articles and opinion pieces.


  • Recognition and correction of inaccuracies and/or errors in our content as part of our commitment to transparency.

User Engagement:

  • Cultivating a respectful community is our goal through feedback forms, article comments, and social media accounts.
  • We actively welcome and encourage reader input to enhance the sense of community engagement.

Diversity And Inclusion:

  • Stapler Confessions places a high value on diverse backgrounds and perspectives.
  • We actively promote equity and inclusivity within our organization.

Editorial Opinions And Accountability:

  • Writers’ views and opinions do not necessarily align with management; we recognize their right to express themselves, even if opinions differ.
  • Editorial teams are tasked with reviewing and fact-checking content before publication to uphold accuracy and quality standards.