Have you ever pretended to like a dish just to fit in? Or maybe you’ve eaten something unappealing because it’s popular? If so, don’t worry—many people have been in the same situation.

Some foods simply aren’t appetizing, no matter how hard you try to like them, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Interestingly, there are many things that people can’t stomach, yet they continue to be popular because everyone tries to follow the latest trend.


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Why bother with dried-up grapes when you can have the actual juicy alternatives? Raisins might be good for your health, but they ruin entirely all desserts and salads they’re put into. Why would I want a bunch of chewy, peculiar-shaped gummies with my delicious and fresh salad? Anyone who says they like raisins is obviously lying. 


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According to Healthline, asparagus is filled with Vitamin K, Folate, Potassium, and many other vitamins. However, despite all these benefits, the vegetable tastes so bad that it’s tough to consume it. Who thinks of putting asparagus in anything because they like it? It’s always just to make your meal healthy. 

Black Beans

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Even if you try black bean recipes relentlessly, no one can easily enjoy them. Putting them in things that make you drool, like tacos, quesadillas, nachos, burgers, and black beans, worsens the dish. When there are better beans to enjoy, why have these in the first place? 

Cheap Frosting

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Those stale cupcakes from Walmart aren’t doing anyone any favors. While they might be considered an affordable alternative to more pricey bakeries, that doesn’t change how artificial the frosting tastes. Most people just eat them for a quick dose of cheap sugar, but no one seems to enjoy them. 

Canned Tuna

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Canned Tuna looks like baby food and tastes like cat food. The bizarre mushy texture combined with the bucket of preservatives takes away from the actual fish. Many people throw them into salads because it’s easier, but everyone secretly tries to mask the flavor with a ton of dressing.


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Oysters are supposed to be a delicacy seafood lovers enjoy; however, that might not be true. While it looks interesting to see people slurp them down, they are slim and make you want to throw up. As a seafood lover, you must accept that you just can’t like every animal from the ocean. 

Truffle Oil

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Truffle oil has gained a lot of traction recently, with people all across the internet trying expensive meals that usually have truffles or its oil. However, just because something is expensive doesn’t make it taste better. Truffles tend to have a powerful taste and are not most people’s cup of tea. 


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Everything tastes better with condiments, but ketchup isn’t one of them. The bizarre sweet taste ruins nuggets, fries, and burgers by adding a bucket full of sugar for no reason. The entire sauce is overpowering and takes away from the actual meal. Yet, you won’t find a single grocery store that doesn’t sell it. 

Sparkling Water

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Sparkling water is a weird mix between fizzy drinks and plain old water. The concept is to help people drink less carbonated beverages; however, sparkling water tastes so bitter that it’s challenging to get people to switch. The only people who have it are those looking to cut back on sugary drinks, but no one enjoys the actual taste. 

Egg Nog

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While egg nog reminds you of festivity, it tastes horrendous. This drink is like adding a ton of perfume to a bunch of eggs and making it smell like Christmas. Why must you endure this awful drink when you can enjoy a delicious custard or a creamy mousse? Meeting family relatives on Christmas is already a pain, and this adds to it. 

Overnight Oats

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There are endless recipes for oat-based desserts, proving that no one likes them how they’re meant to be consumed. To make them edible for health reasons, people tend to make them into cookies, pancakes, and many other dishes in an attempt to like them somehow. 


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Imagine what plastic would taste like if you were to consume it; that’s exactly the flavor profile of this vegetable. Once you munch on it for a while, it leaves this terrible aftertaste that makes your mouth feel funny and not in a pleasant way. If there’s anything worse than celery, it is celery juice. 


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Beets are often associated with an earthy flavor, which, in my opinion, is an excellent way to say it tastes like dirt. According to Adirondack Harvest, this is because of geosmin, which humans are naturally sensitive to. Whatever the case is, beets look flashy but lackluster. 


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The matcha you have from your favorite coffee place isn’t what authentic matcha tastes like. Big chains add a ton of sugar and other ingredients that make it taste like a delicious drink; however, if you’ve tried to make it on your own, you’ll know just how bitter and unappealing it really is. 

Green Tea

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Even if you have a single taste bud, you’ll know that green tea is one of the most bland hot drinks in the world. It is popular because it helps you limit your coffee intake and has health benefits; however, when we talk about the flavor, it tastes like hot water with a hint of herbs. Yikes.

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