Do you participate in food holidays? We all know about some common ones, like National Chocolate Day or National Wine Day. However, there are some unusual ones out there that you may have yet to hear of. Here are some ridiculous food holidays that you won’t believe exist.

Egg Salad Week

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Egg Salad Week is celebrated in Japan during the first week after Easter. However, this delightful sandwich can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of location. Whether you prefer it between two slices of bread or as a topping for crackers, take the time to savor this tasty and versatile dish.

Gum Drop Day

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February 15 is Gum Drop Day. They’re most useful when making gingerbread houses, but does anyone eat them for a snack? They stick to your teeth and don’t have much flavor. But to each his own.

Fruit Cocktail Day

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May 13 is Fruit Cocktail Day. These delicious cups are something to celebrate, and the nice thing about it is that you can have any combination you like.

Bicarbonate of Soda Day

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December 30 is Bicarbonate of Soda Day. It sounds fancy, but it’s baking soda. The most logical way to celebrate it is to bake something. Otherwise, you can use baking soda for various other things—such as putting it in your fridge to decrease odors.

Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Omelet Day

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July 9 is Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Omelet Day. This one is a stumper. Are we supposed to use the minimum number of eggs possible to make an omelet or not overdo it? We need some expert advice here.

National Grits for Breakfast Day

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September 2 is National Grits for Breakfast Day. If you like grits, this is a great day for you. You’ve got a short window, though, since it’s very specific to have them for breakfast–otherwise, the holiday is null.

Something on a Stick Day

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March 28 is Something on a Stick Day. This holiday is less specific. Literally, anything on a stick counts–from popsicles to corndogs. You could make anything, put a stick on it, and now you’re celebrating.

Candied Orange Peel Day

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May 4 is Candied Orange Peel Day. It’s pretty simple for a holiday, but it’s not the easiest thing to find in your local grocery store. There are plenty of DIY recipes out there, though.

Lima Bean Respect Day

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April 20 is Lima Bean Respect Day. Whether you eat them for spices such as garlic and pepper, stew them slowly, or however you like them–this is the day to celebrate them.

Ice Cream For Breakfast Day

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Ice Cream For Breakfast Day is celebrated on the first Saturday of February. If you love ice cream, this is your day to eat it the way you have always wanted to.

Fruitcake Toss Day

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In Colorado, January 3 is Fruitcake Toss Day. Every year, people gather worldwide to toss their Christmas fruitcake as far as they can.

World Drive-Thru Day

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July 24 is World Drive-Thru Day. Drive-Thru is a major tradition in the modern world, so it makes sense for them to have their own holiday.

National Crackers Over the Keyboard Day

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Created by Thomas Roy, who has created holidays such as Haunted Refrigerator Night, this holiday encourages you to clog your keyboards. You can celebrate it on August 28.

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