Zombies. Is there more to say? Since the explosion in popularity of the hit TV show the Walking Dead, many people have thought about how they would survive a potential zombie apocalypse.

People have discussed online and in real time which weapons they would use, where they would find water and even what methods they would use to kill the shuffling monsters. However, when it comes to a survival situation, you need to start a bit smaller, such as looking at which foods you will need to stock up on to make it through!

When you are looking into food for a survival situation, you will need to think about multiple things. You cannot expect to buy food that will not survive with you, ergo, you may need to swap out those blueberries or avocados for something a bit different. You also need to think of the following:

  • It’s a zombie apocalypse- you likely won’t have power, and you likely won’t have a freezer.
  • You will need food that come with long-term storage.
  • You will need foods that offer maximum nutritional value for the minimum weight and storage space
  • You won’t want snack foods, like granola bars, as there is no way to store them long-term.

In short, you will want to look into staple foods. Heavily processed foods will not be ideal, as they are worse for storage as well as nutrition. You also need to think about how quickly and easily you can move food, should it happen that zombies are trying to break down the door of your hideaway! So, what foods should you think about stocking? Here are the top 20 that you should add to your zombie-preparedness kits.


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Pasta is a high-carbohydrate food that stores very well. It is also light and easy to cook (all you need is water), and, at a push, you can eat it raw. You can also add it to almost anything to make a meal: fish, meat, veg…the list goes on!

Whole Grains

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Flour doesn’t store well. It can experience water damage, and can go moldy. Not ideal for traveling in a zombie apocalypse. Not to mention the weight of flour!

So, when prepping for a zombie invasion, your best bet is to swap out flour for whole grains. You can make pancakes, bread and cakes with whole grains and, unlike flour, they are tasty to eat raw.


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You may notice a trend in this article. One of the top ones is that the majority of these foods are dried carbohydrates.

Rice is light, can be mixed with an array of different foods for a tasty meal and can also last a long time. Of course, try to make sure that you don’t pick quick rice, as this is full of preservatives that will not last very long.


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Yes, cereals may falls in to the category of comfort food but, when it comes to prepping for a zombie apocalypse, they can be a saving grace.

They are high in carbohydrates and, provided that they are kept in the correct packaging, they will keep for a long time. Just avoid grabbing sugary ones!


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Of course, you knew that beans were going to be on this list! As dried beans are easy to cook, and keep well for long periods of time, as well as being nutritious, it is well worth grabbing a few when there are zombies breaking down the door!

It is best to try not to get tinned beans, as these are heavier to carry but, in a squeeze, they will likely suffice. Beans of all kinds are great sources of protein too.

Canned Meats

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Much like beans, canned meats have a place in any zombie survival package. Try to opt for the more nutritious types if you can. Healthline said that would include things like tuna, salmon, chicken, etc.

You can even opt for Spam if needed, as it is a nutritious meat that is loaded with protein. Remember, unless you are a hunter, you are unlikely to come across a lot of protein during a zombie apocalypse, so try to stock up on meats and protein.


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This is another protein source that can be stored well. Dried meats of any kind are ideal to have as a snack food during any disaster. Even if you run out of protein, you can break the jerky down into chunks and put it into a soup or broth, all you will need is water. It may not sound appetizing but, during an apocalypse, this will go down a treat.

Summer Sausage

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You may have noticed that a lot of the foods on this list that have the longest lifespan (so to speak) are preserved or cured meats. Any luncheon meat will do well in a zombie apocalypse, and will also last for a long time.

Best of all, most cured meats, like summer sausage, are vacuum packed and, as the packets are flat and light, they are easy to store and transport. Much like jerky, these can either be eaten as they are or, in a pinch, they can be put into casseroles and soups.


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Cheese is another amazing protein source, which is surprisingly easy to store and preserve. All you need to do to keep it stored is to triple dip it in wax, which forms an airtight seal around the cheese.

That way, no bacteria can get in and it can survive without being refrigerated for years. There is a myth that cheese that has mold on it is inedible; this is not true. All you need to do is cut the mold off and preserve the rest.

Canned Vegetables and Fruit

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Fruit and vegetables will also be in short supply during a zombie apocalypse. This is an issue because humans cannot create their own source of vitamin C, which, in low quantities, can lead to scurvy.

So, tinned vegetables or fruit of any kind will keep for years, just be sure not to throw the water in the tins away, as it is also high in vitamins and can be used to make soups or broths.

Powdered Milk

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OK, so powered milk isn’t the tastiest beverage but, in an apocalypse situation, it can help with baking, protein and, if there are any children in your survival party, it can help with bone growth too.

Pasta Sauce

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Yep, even that humble jar or packet of pasta sauce can be a lifesaver in a zombie apocalypse. It can be added to the aforementioned pasta, bread, rice and even tinned vegetables to make a meal. As it is loaded with vitamin C, it can also help to prevent deficiencies. However, you should try to get it in boxes or cartons rather than glass jars; they are heavy and prone to breaking.


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You can make soup out of almost anything, making it a must have for any survival situation. Of course, the simpler the better; try to get your hands on cream of mushroom soup, cream of tomato soup and other thick soups. These can double up as the base of other meals, like casseroles, too.


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Dry bullion cubes are another great base for the majority of soups, broths and casseroles. They store well, take up minimal space and are also light. So, if you can, try to grab as many different types as you can when running from the zombie hoard.


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Sugar is also going to be low in a zombie apocalypse and, while in society today,e ating too much sugar is frowned upon, it has more uses that sweetening a coffee. You can use it to make jams and other preserves, as well as adding a sweet taste to casseroles if they are too salty. If it is kept dry, sugar has almost no expiry date and will not go off.


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So, the natural alternative to sugar is honey which really will keep forever, provided that it is kept dry. You may notice it crystalising a bit, but that is fine. It is good for you, can double up as an antiseptic and will help to keep blood sugar levels up.


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You need salt in any survival situation. It can be used for food preservation, especially when it comes to meat. It also allows you to cure your own meats, as well as to salt fish and smoke meats, should you have that luxury. Like sugar, it also pretty much has no expiry date.

Dried Fruit

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Yep, raisins and mixed fruits that have been dried are a tasty, nutritious and lightweight snack that can serve you and your team well in a survival situation. Again, these also have no real expiry date, provided that they are kept dry.


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Pretty much anything you would find in a trail mix for hiking will serve you well in an apocalypse. So, it stands to reason that any nuts will do well. They are light, high in protein and will help to keep your energy levels up, too. You can also add them to dishes to up the protein levels of them, too. Check out some simple recipes for that here.

Peanut Butter

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Its high in fat, protein and low in sugar. In an apocalypse, you will likely want to get your hands on some peanut butter, and eat it plain, or mix it with other foods to change the taste or texture.

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